Poem - Ageless and Invulnerable

For the eighteenth day of National Poetry Month, I present a little poem about being immortal. Remarkably, I'm not fond of immortals as a theme. Regardless of how old they look, they are still far more mature than anyone they fall in love with. This disparity of age and maturity is why I didn't really fall in love with the Twilight series and Interview with a Vampire.

That said, I really liked Highlander when it was on TV. Duncan's and Amanda's relationship was the part I like the best, because I love the relationships between immortals. The same with The Librarians and the couple in the first few episodes.

Ageless and Invulnerable

I had not forgotten the first time.
I was crushed under a mountain.
There was no pain, no fear.
Only sadness that clung to my thoughts
And I dug myself out,
One handful at a time.

Others tried to kill me.
Oh, they have tried so many times.
Poison, stabbing, flame, and magic.
I think it was supposed to hurt
Or at least stop me from trying,
but it never did.

I've been a king, a priest, and scribe.
I've loved so many until I no longer wanted.
I drank every wine known to man
Until I no longer felt the buzz or joy.
I've smoked, injected, and sniffed every
substance man had long forgotten.

I'm still here, waiting for the end.
The world continued to move forward
Time marches on
But I'm so tired of it.
I desire not to be part of history
And just want it all to end.