Poem - Love Among Girls

For the twenty-eight day of National Poetry Month, the theme is forbidden lesbian lovers. Why? Because my desert culture is aggressively homophobic for the sole reason I am not. This will come up in Desert Child but the seeds are still there.

Love Among Girls

She has the sweetest smile
That I want to kiss so badly.
I want to touch her hand
And rest my palm on her hip.

I tried, I tried so many times.
I've been beaten and caged.
My father no longer speaks.
My mother won't see me anymore.

I want the girl and she wants me.
But was even the hint of our desires
Enough to ruin our families?
To cast us among the clanless?

If I turn back, I might have a chance.
My family may speak to me again.
My clan name could return to my breast.
I'll have a home and a bed.

If I don't, what will she do?
Will she return and leave me?
Does she need her family more than me?
Is it love or just lust?

Can I survive alone in this desert?
With the hot sands burning my feed?
With no one to hold my hand
And no lips to caress in comfort?

She has the sweetest of smiles
Laughter that brings joy.
If she leaves, I have to accept it.
If she remains, then I will kiss her
And hold her until the end of days.