Poem - Why Not Let it Be?

For the final day of National Poetry Month, I present a poem about the Internet culture and unwanted discouragement. This is based on many incidents when someone says “I like this” and then someone says “I don't and you shouldn't.” It doesn't have to be on the Internet, I've seen people ranting about gay couples in restaurants or bitching that someone wears their pants too low. It doesn't hurt anyone, so why not let it be?

Related to that, it doesn't have to be for me either. The saggy pants is not my thing. Watching hours of Temple Run on YouTube is not my thing, but if someone wants to do it? Let them. If someone asked to be called “they” or “him” or “her” or “mx”, then I'm the type of person who will do that. Let it be.

We all look for our sense of identity. When it is a new one, it doesn't quite fit as smoothly as one would like it to be. Realizing one is gay or lesbian or neither takes a while to adapt. Finding out that someone loves all genders or no genders or only close friends, it feels right but it also hasn't quite settled into place like a puzzle piece. So, let it be.

Sometimes it's a phase, sometimes it isn't. Sometimes you know from an early age that they are poly and pan. Other times, it hit someone in their forties that they like model trains, or BDSM, or teaching ceramics. It doesn't matter. Let it go.

Please, let people love what they love.

If you don't like it but it doesn't hurt anyone, then just… let it go.

Why Not Let it Be?

She likes a book.
You don't read.
Why not let it be?

They like to draw.
You don't like it.
Why not let it be?

He liked a play.
You don't watch.
Why not let it be?

They like to game.
You don't play.
Why not let it be?

She loves a girl.
You don't approve.
Why not let it be?

They aren't a boy.
You don't agree.
Why not let it be?