Rumors of my dead garden links were exaggerated

Whenever tax season comes around, I start to talk about Exit Planning because it is “death and taxes.” I'm pretty proud of it as a project and as a living documentation of something I think a lot of us are missing, how to prepare for our deaths (or incapacitation).

What I didn't realize was that when I put in the dead link removal code for the package management to let me write posts ahead of time, I also broke all the links in the gardens.

That cornucopia of links that seems to represent my thought posts had disappeared so everyone just so a bland introduction page without knowing there were two dozen links interspersed inside it.

Thankfully, Benjamin Hollon on Mastodon noted that all my links were dead, so I finished tracking it down and fixed it. Thank you!

Now, to move that HTML dead link code into Nitride proper so I can use it with all my sites.