Main Site Changed

It took a bit, but I think I finally got the look and appearance of the main site to look pretty good. I also started adding some content by adding the four stories that I've had public for some years now. They are a bit older in terms of my writing resurgance, they were mostly written in 2000 and 2001, but I'm still pretty proud of them. One of them, Moon Dancer, actually won first place in a fan-fiction contest over at Clan of the Cats.

It does remind me that I need to start writing more stories. At one point, I toyed with the idea of writing one story a month. With the last three novels (last four years really), I've also had a major writing project each year. This year, I'm not planning on writing a novel, so twelve short stories might be a better idea.

Other than that, I've been working on getting a Debian testing environment setup so I can track down some of these really annoying bugs with XSP and other packages. It's taking a bit, mainly because I'm doing this as a qemu partition instead of locally. Some bugs can't be duplicated by an established development environment. And once I figured that out, it only took 20 minutes to find that bug.

The next three weeks are still going to be hell for work and I still have that frustrating wait about my novel.