Visiting the Past

It's been a strange weekend. I talked to my grandmother for the first time in ten years. While there is going to be some rough points, it would be nice to see her again. This morning, I woke up thinking about my old high school, Prospect High School, which apparently also has a Wikipedia article.

High school was not a good time for me, that much could be say. If I was there in today's market, I would probably be sharing some of the spotlight as being a loner, prone to writing about violence, and generally speaking one of the children that Illinois seems to be watching with fear, more so after Virginia Tech. I wrote horror as a hobby, wore black, and really didn't socialize at all. Another way of saying it is that I really only had three peers as friends coming out of high school: Jenny, Kim, and Janice. For the 10 year reunion, I didn't know a single bloody person and really only went because Jenny might have been there. I've drifted away from all my friends in high school at this point.

On the other hand, I had more "friends" among the teaching staff. I was fairly well known in the Writing Works and I was really proud that they were one of the major influences that led me to write. I always hoped that I could get a novel finished, then come in and donate a couple copies to them, mainly because they were so influential in my writing. Looking at the staff, I don't remember most of the names except for two of them.

My hopes of making them proud seems to have faded away in the fourteen years that past. If I ever do get Wind, Bear, and Moon or Muddy Reflections written, I'll probably send a few copies, but my original hopes of wandering on in, saying "thank you for being a great teacher" has long since past with everyone going their separate ways.

I don't know, I might do it anyways.

I just woke up thinking about it. It seems like I'm in a period of reflection lately.

Fluffy and I also talked about the Master Plan. With everything going on, we are probably going to push back the land in Iowa and just save up to move there next year. Just a minor change, but still a scary prospect. I love Iowa, I like the people, but the change it represents scare me.

Other than that, I just finished ten chapters and played on fightertype's new PS3. So... pretty...

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