Weekend Stuff

» My Father's Bike: 0.714 (28,567 / 40,000 words)
» Wind, Bear, and Moon Query: 0.000 (0 / 26 weeks)
» Summer Biking: 0.184 (73.4 / 400 km)

Forgot to grab the meterage from my bike computer, but I did get some kilometers in on Friday. This weekend, Fluffy was in Iowa and fightertype and uteck were enjoying their anniversary weekend, so I was babysitting four dogs, including one who was senile and one who is still learning the joys of bladder control. Hasn't gotten there yet, but it is really hard to get anything done when you are watching that many dogs.

I did get some writing on My Father's Bike but I'm getting more and more unhappy with it as a whole. It doesn't really feel... fully formed, I guess is a way of saying it. I might be just letting it drift a bit more while I work on CuteGod for a little bit. If I'm still having trouble writing it by the end of June, I'll just start up my next writing project, which is fully-formed and ready to be written.

Finished up another round of Debian packaging for XSP and mod_mono. Nice to get some of my "support my community" projects done. Speaking of community, I also got much further along in my Exalted XML Schema project. I may have at least one person who thinks it is a good idea. Now to get Anathema to import/export and maybe get someone to write a charm editor. Well, its a dream at least.

Gaming was pretty fun. Characters almost died, heroic rescues were enacted. Traps were there and I think I got the right mix of dangerous and solvable. Most of the time, they are either "squish, you are dead!" or "I'm sorry, could you pretend to even be hampered by it?" Characters survived, but it was close. I like that actually. Having a threat of danger actually in the game instead of deus ex machima, which I'm guilty of, and reasonable attempts to save members. We did have a brief discussion about money (another blog entry coming up) and I think fightertype and I came up with an alternative.

And here are some picture of Inigo, for those who like to look at puppies:

puppy-05.jpg puppy-06.jpg puppy-07.jpg puppy-08.jpg puppy-10.jpg puppy-11.jpg

If you click on them, you'll get bigger versions. I hope you enjoy! He is a sweetie. Also, very quiet. This is a problem since he doesn't even whine to be let out or when he wants attention. Just quietly does what he is doing.