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Wind, Bear, and Moon Proposal
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I am still working on this home improvement project. Fortunately, it looks like the end is in sight at least, which always brightens my day. One out of three rooms done, just a bit of grouting repair, and cleaning up and things should be much easier. We are going to try doing the base painting coat in the dining room but otherwise not much else tonight.

Originally, I planned on working on Debian work I owe people, but apparently they need 25 days for the process, so I couldn't do anything while Fluffy was at Hapkido. So, I putzed around instead of doing something productive.

But, I did have very good news. After the two years I've been working on Wind, Bear, and Moon, I actually got some good feedback! Scienceprincess, who deals with children in that age category, pointed out some really good things. I'll get a better list of suggestions later, but I'm just so happy I got something! Now to clean up the English that is technically correct but not really "young reader." Apparently, I'm a very formal writer (which makes sense given my past) but I use informal stuff in speech (as my old writing teacher told me to do). Reminds me of the comment of someone reading my first novel: "Are you capable of using contractions?" :) Its the strangest thing, in writing, I actually have to make a point of using contractions since I typically write "cannot" instead of "can't." We won't even get into if the period should be outside a double quote (").

So, still moving forward on this home project. I need to do some coding projects in the next week, to handle my obligations on the computer side of things. My csharp-mode needs a bit of love as does my MediaWiki CategoryCloud plugin. I'm glad I don't have to do much with the Debian stuff, but I really should work on Getting Things Done(tm) before I get horribly distracted by GenCon.

I am so looking forward to GenCon.