Crappy NaNoWriMo, AMD64 Debian, and CuteGod

"Oh, the horror, oh the pain. I cannot make my deadline for NaNoWriMo. The anguish. The suffering. Why did I ever start it?"

Okay, enough feeding antonstrout the despair of a NaNo'er. I had a terrible day writing yesterday, mostly because of stress at work (you *might* be able to go on vacation if you got what you said done done on Friday despite all the other things I gave you), finding a new addictive game (Windows and Linux versions!) to play, and screwing around with settings and installing programs.

I finally got the AMD64 version of Debian installed on my machine. I have to say, it looks almost identical to the old one, which is in itself, an amazing thing. The boot 4.0r1 CD didn't work, but the boot testing DVD did and everything went in smoothly. Since I had /home on a separate partition, I didn't even have to backup my data (interestingly, I have backups of this stuff). Even things I didn't think would work, such as Flash, worked beautifully.

And to add a cherry to the top, I actually found the bug everyone is getting with CuteGod! Yeah, getting a bug is a point of cheer, mainly because if I can see it, I can fix it. Just as soon as I get through NaNoWriMo. I'm planning on having a second alpha of the game at the end of the month with probably a new installer, a few new tiles, and other nifties.

Case of the Morning Zombies (NaNoWriMo, 26,930 of 75,000 words)