Brick Walls

Schoolwork night last night, plus Evyl came in and we talked about future plans. Mostly about her moving in to help save up money to buy our house and to let us save up money to buy a new house. I'm looking forward to it, we just have to iron out those little wrinkles that need to be said ahead of time and get everything on paper. I'm big on paper agreements, mainly because I've been burned more than a few times by friends and family. And I worry about things not working out, either we find something we can't agree on or something we didn't think about. Not that I think any are really big ones, but I still worry.

I have 85 days left for 4E6. I have 15 days until Kitteh Braik goes into contingency plan. I am hitting a wall right now. I hate that wall of these large projects, when you stare up at them and find anything else in the world to do besides that. There are a bunch of them, right now, some that really scare me and others that I just don't want to do. Right now, I'm trying to find a polygon library so I can merge some polygons to get the physics shape. If I can't figure it out by Sunday, I'll go to plan three. I also need to get the graphics in and get a damn figure to stand up instead of having his body parts explode in all directions.

One person formally withdrew from 4E6 that I was looking forward to seeing their game. But, the reasons were echoed in myself, and that is the annoying part. I want to succeed at this. I gave up 4E5 because I had to make a choice between Wind, Bear, and Moon and the game. I ended up picking WBM, but I wanted so badly to do this. Part of me wants to burn myself out to finish it, to stay up long hours and work until I figure it out, another part wants to just curl up in the blankets and surrender.

I read a pretty good blog post about writing a novel in two months. Some of the points they made were the reasons I feel that I failed Case of the Morning Zombies. Another project, but long after 4E6. :)

Kitteh Braik (12%)
Scroll of Lands update (35%)