Slogging Through the Snow

Not many interesting things happening right now. Mostly doing these 10-12 hour days for the last week and a half, crashing when I get home. Started changing my ordering from fast food when I'm in a hurry though, that's good. Instead of a double-quarter pounder meal, I'm getting a fry and salad. Just a few less calories, but you have to start small. Or at least that is what I'm telling myself.

Last night, I got a box of HERO Games books, mostly bestiary and Metamorphs. I saw they had a "damaged" version for sale, so I ordered it. I figured that it would be torn or have a hole in it. But, as long as I could use it for my game, I would be fine.

"Damaged" to them is less damage than I do to my books in the first month. It was $5 less on the cover price and there was just a bit of gunk on the front cover. So, getting damaged books a lot more from them. I do like the HERO system a lot more than say Exalted, but I like the Exalted universe more than most of the universes from Hero.

Of course, HERO suffers from the same problem that I feel Palladium suffers: one major developer. On one hand, it is very consistent (unlike RIFTS in my opinion), but there is so much on one person. There is also no doubt that he loves it.

I want to make a HERO game books, mainly for my steampunk world, Fedora, and Fightertype's Itrifore universe. While I'm killing time between compiles and developing, I've been playing around with ideas for the following:

  • CuteGod improvements, including a different tile set that is easier to see.
  • Ponies Among Us: I know that I won't get it done in time, haven't touched it for two weeks now, but I still want to finish it.
  • Wind, Bear, and Moon rewrite
  • Calpluta: Just a game in the style of Kingdom of Loathing that is keeping me occupied.
  • Various library stuff.
  • Finishing up the Meritous packaging for Debian.
  • A steampunk story due tomorrow at Steam Punk Magazine. This one is not based on my Fedora world. Instead it is more of a classic Victorian age one (I hope).

So, lots of things to work on. This weekend, we aren't having gaming because Fightertype bowed out (she is suppose to run on the weekend I gave up). I could have run, but I'm planning on being just generally sick and burned out, so figured I could just take it easy instead.