Book Titles, World Development, MP3s and DVDs

I remember when I asked someone to read Wind, Bear, and Moon. The first thing they mentioned was, "Are you open to changing the title?" Blunt, but to the point. Maybe the title sucks, maybe it didn't. Yesterday, I posted a couple potential ones to replace it, one that Fluffy liked was Flight of the Scions. I'm considering changing the title to something like that; feedback for the poor self-conscious writer is always appreciated.

(EDIT: It got a bit long, so throwing it behind a cut.)

Also thinking about world and language features. Fedora is a relatively new world for me, only about a year old, but it came when I wanted a proper steampunk world that had the fantasy stuff I wanted. That and it had... a few too many references to the same world used by my other byline, which is a bad thing. :) Obviously, that means I need to build up a few more sections of the basic world. Most of the language groups are going to be based on geological separation. There are three major mountain ranges and two islands, including one cursed one. But, even if I write them in English, I want them to have a language that isn't English backing up what they are saying.

Last night, did lots of little things. Went through my "randomly sorted" mp3 collection and managed to find audio fingerprints for about 50 of them. Which means they are now properly tagged instead of being "Random Music X". It would be really nice if MusicBrainz had a slightly larger corpus of audio fingerprints so I could identify more. The annoying part is that I can't submit my own audio fingerprints (either TRM or PUID). I mean, I only have a couple thousand tracks, but most of them are tagged properly and I want to help.

I also finished entering my movie DVD's. Since I got the card catalog a few weeks back, I've been slowly entering the DVD's into a computer program, normalized the titles, and marking them for a normalized genre. You know, "Sci-Fi" or "Fantasy" instead of "Science Fiction & Fantasy" which is too long for a proper taxonomy. Have a little trouble with were to put urban fiction, like modern-day vampires, so I just made all vampires under the "fantasy" category. Too bad there isn't a complete taxonomy for all human creativity. I also made the titles consistent, using "[V3]" for volumes or episodes, removing some cruft from the Amazon lookups; Amazon searches have things like "(Bonus Platinum Edition)" which isn't really appropriate for this. The ": Supplemental" for bonus features doesn't sort right in Tellico, but its a start. I also need to write a Perl or C# application to go through and do a IMDB lookup and get proper pictures and summaries instead of the market-speak and pictures with DVD's. At the end, I have 504* movie and bonus feature discs. And it takes up 3 drawers in the card catalog but I have it spread over 5. I suspect I have a similar number of television shows and anime still to enter, but that can wait until next month. Then, to figure out how to publish my list to make it easier for others to search it. I might come up with a patch for Tellico for that. It would be nice to have a Tellico search for user data, you know registering a URL to search into.

* I know I had a lot of them, but forcing myself to actually look at them, to count them, really points out how long I've been gathering up the DVD's. It also shows some of the history, like when I dropped a large hunk of money to buy DVD's from my local Suncoast going out of business. Or when I made over $100k/year and bough five a week. Kind of scary, since I don't really see myself as a collector. Just someone who likes movies. And I watch them. A lot. Most of them over two dozen times and I have a grand total of 3 that I haven't seen. There are a few that I've easily seen four or five dozen times, just because it is a comfort to watch or listen to them.