Academia verses Real Life

Today, I have a major struggle with one of my assignments. The assignment was to create a project for your current employer or a fictitious company and write out a QA plan. Since I was employed, I picked my current employer and wrote up a project. Six weeks into the ten week project, I started getting incredibly low grades because I was writing what my company would have done (i.e. not train their employees, very little validation, and I wrote it up as a low priority plan to work around our heavy schedules), but the teacher wanted me to write a "perfect world" QA plan.

Apparently, I needed to actually read all ten weeks of the assignment instead of just doing my homework because looking back, it was pretty obvious that the project I picked wouldn't fulfill the last weeks of the assignment, but the instructor didn't even mention a single thing about this when she was reading it every week of this class. And this is for a class dealing with risk analysis; you would think that she might have realized when I spent weeks setting up this project with a specific goal that it wouldn't be appropriate for later. I, of course, thought it would be sufficient to give a 3 paragraph reason on why there is no training, but nope. Got a zero because I just said why there was no training, instead of writing up the massive amounts of certification and special training needed for the project (when our employees were self-trained).

And the last assignment I got a nearly failing grade because she basically just wanted me to copy what I wrote weeks ago and add a few words here and there. Instead of, "as described in section five" which I wrote. So, I just spent the last four hours rewriting the entire project to fit with a perfect world case that isn't based on any company I've worked for.

But, I don't think I'll be able to recover my grade.

I'm cranky and I hate failing.