Progression! Progression...
Weight Loss (2.6 of 14.7 kg)
College Petitions (1 of 5)
Commission (589 of 10k words)

Doesn't quite sound as good as "tradition", one of my favorite songs, but I had a very productive weekend so far. One of the main things is that I finally cut over the new theme to Moonfire Games. The theme is growing on me, though I don't have the extra flair stuff, I do have all but one thing up and running. I still need to migrate the online Map of Creation but that is going to take a bit more than a few hours to get that running. Apparently, it broke badly in the last year and no one told me until recently.

I'm also changing my formula for petitions. I haven't sent out any, but if I count the answered questions and the ones I'm looking for supporting documentation, I'm much further than 20% done. So, I just came up with one point for answering the question, one point for evidence, and one point to submit to come up with the new formula. Sadly, at nearly 70%, I really, really need to get off my ass and finish them. I'm going to send one out tomorrow, at least that is the plan.

Mowed the lawn... sort of. It's a free lawn mower, so you can't expect much. If I keep up with it, I'll be able to do it on two charges, but right now it should take me a few more days to finish up. The charge on the mower only lasts about a half hour with the tall grass and an hour and some with the short grass. Obviously, it will inspire me to actually keep up with the lawn work.

Gave up on getting subtitles to work with the movies. Just too hard at this point, but I do have a nice copy of While You Were Sleeping for Fluffy sitting on the MythTV box. I'll rip a few more movies, like Princess Bride and Juno.

Except for a walk, which I haven't done in three days due to being sick, I'm pretty much just going to blow the rest of the day on Fluffy, writing, and maybe programming.