Another week of editing

I spent the last week editing a fair amount, as I showed in a previous post, but I still have a lot more to get done. So, I'm mostly focusing on editing this week, but I also need to figure out something that needs to be done before Sand and Blood comes out: swearing. Yeah, it's a rough topic to think about, but there is swearing in the book and I've had a frequent comment that my curses and swears are a bit... bland for the world I've created.

Other than that, I'm going to be editing.

You may have noticed that Author Intrusion hasn't shown up lately. I'm planning on getting back to it, but I want to get Blood out before I spent a month working on it. Plus, I got discouraged since I worked on the previous version over three years to get where I was. Reinventing all that in two months was probably a bit too... optimistic for me.