A rather stressful week and then another

Last week was rather stressful. We are now three weeks from our code cutoff at work, which means I'm working a lot of hours to try getting as much as possible done. This means that I'm not really planning anything very extensive beyond doing taxes until that goes through.

Plus another week to burn out since I won't be getting that much sleep.


Beyond that, I just had a weekend of single parent with a Sunday of being childless. I got a chance to play some more Starbound, Pixel Junk Monsters, Costume Quest, and Broken Age.

  • Starbound was great for a while, but I got tired of the grinding for a while. I tried a mod pack and got overwhelmed with options. Then I realized I didn't really have time for grinding and happily cheated for about five hours before I accidentally screwed up my ship. Note to others, if you are removing the floor, be very careful not to lose the captains chair. That is why makes it fly. And I was a quarter done redoing Firefly as my ship.
  • Pixel Junk Monsters: Eh, it's a tower defense game. Very smooth on Linux, though.
  • Costume Quest: A bit laggy on my machine even at a lower screen resolution. And I don't like navigating isometric games that much. But, a fun plot, great characters, and I like the fight scenes.
  • Broken Age: This was a lot of fun, but I only played it a few hours because of the other games.


I did a lot of editing this last week. And, after eight months of waiting, I got a large hunk of Sand and Blood edits Sunday night. Which means I'm going to do another week of major editing because that was one of the major blocking things for getting the book out.


I did write two world-building posts over on Reddit, though. Both of which are directly related to one of my existing novels (mostly Flight of the Scions but some Sand and Blood too). They are here and here. So, if you like to reddit and want to see a bit more of my world, that's a good place to look.

I still need to figure out the curses, swears, and insults.