Red Lobster, just like every year

SMWM and I both considered are relationship to have really started at Red Lobster. It was one specific dinner in Iowa City where things finally just... clicked and we became something more than just friends.

Because of that, we celebrate our anniversary at Red Lobster. Usually it's within a week, but it has been a tradition for fourteen years and Saturday was no exception.

Now, things have changed. I can no longer eat an Admiral's Feast, three appetizers, and desert. I consider that a good thing, I need to lose weight and eat less as a general policy.

Actually, we can barely handle appetizers there.

Some years ago, we almost stopped going. It was just too much for us, in terms of eating. We came up with another approach which we have continued ever since: take it home. Now, when we sit down, we only eat appetizers and get the rest of the entrées and desert to go. Don't bother putting it on a plate, just throw it in a bag and let us take it out. At home, we enjoying it over the next one or two days. It's too much for a single meal, but not for a four.

I'm not big on traditions. I barely celebrate anything, but this is one of them. And something I've enjoyed greatly... which probably helps it become a fourteen year tradition.