Sand and Blood is finally here!

After three years of writing and obsessing, Sand and Blood has finally been published. This is the first of three novels in the series that will explore the events of Rutejìmo's life in the desert. Originally, I wrote this to "get something done" but also to build up what I find is a fascinating part of my fantasy world, Fedran.

Landing page

I created a landing page for the book. It has the first 20% as sample chapters (the same as Amazon's Look Inside, Google Play, and Smashword's preview), links to the various website, (eventually) reviews of the page, and just generally a "look at me" page that is very mobile friendly (proud of that one).


I'm proud of that I got this far. I suffer not only for something to be "perfect" but also the fear of finishing things. I've been working on Flight of the Scions for almost ten years now and Sand and Blood was my need to get something done.

And I did.

What's next

Getting published is just one more step on the bigger picture. The next bit is the harder one: marketing. The biggest way I'm planning on doing this is get the sequel, Sand and Ash, out. It is slowly winding its way through the process.

I also need to get reviews out. That will be the fun one. So, if anyone is willing to review my novel, just ask and I'll see about sending you a copy. I'm not planning on spamming my Twitter or Facebook accounts with this, I like doing things slowly not loudly.

Thank you

I couldn't thank everyone enough. I've asked questions on Twitter, Reddit, in person, and at work. My friends and coworkers have encouraged me. SMWM has sacrificed things to help me get this out; I really can't thank her enough. Even EDM has cheerfully run around going "Daddy's book sucks!" (repeating me) and encouraging me. He recognized it on sight now and frequently yells "Daddy's book!" when he does.

In the end, thank you.