Sand and Ash 22, Flight of the Scions 4, Hard Lessons, and Garèo

There are a few things this week but the two chapters aren't really related to each other.

Sand and Ash 22: The Ghost

This chapter is a bridge chapter between two significant events in poor Rutejìmo's life. If we consider the stages of death as part of Rutejimo's acceptance to his new life, then this would be leading into the acceptance phase. Of course, there will be some rough points in the future, but that should be fun.

I like the idea of how the banyosiōu actually are treated in society. They are expected to do chores and deal with garbage, but no one can tell them that. So, everything is done with a subtle touch, without direct interaction.

Flight of the Scions 4: Waryoni Garèo

The fourth chapter introduces one of the more interesting characters in Flight of the Scions. Actually, Garèo ended up dominating the original version of Flight, which contributed to the struggles I had trying to trim down the 220k words of that version.

In the end, his story ended up being so significant that I couldn't remove his adventures. At the same time, I couldn't cut the novel in half either. So, I broke it into another novel called Kin-Killer. The events of Kin-Killer aren't a prequel or a sequel but events at the same time; in effect, this is the biggest reason I realized I wanted to write R5-D4 Plots.

Garèo's full story isn't going to happen in this novel. There will be bits and pieces, but Kanéko would never get the full answer because I plan on having another novel talking about his personal struggles during the same events. Will it work? I don't know, but I think it will be fun to find out.

As for the events in the chapter? Well, Kanéko tries to hide her chest filled with tools and Garèo almost catches her.