Sand and Blood 9, Flight of the Scions 15 (again), five chapters of Sand and Bone, and injuries

This is one of those weeks where a lot of people get hurt. In Sand and Blood, we have a compound fracture in the middle of the desert. This was actually the original idea for the novel, to write a story about my Boy Scout manual's survival chapter which I thought about for a long time.

I like gritty stories. I like seeing people struggling with their injuries and not get magically healed for the next battle. I like damage, mainly because it is one more thing that lets them shine. True nature comes out in moments of stress, not wandering around being awesome (which is why I don't like playing Exalted anymore).

Sand and Blood 9: Blood and Bone

Rutejìmo is not a hero. I mean, he isn't the type of person who charges into danger and, frankly, he freezes. I wrote this because I see that most people do that when something terrible happens. Strangers stare at car accidents with horror but they don't do anything. They don't rush forward, they don't run away. They stare in shock. There is a term for some of it, bystanders apathy and it is a terrible thing that allows for abuse.

It is hard writing a character that doesn't charge into the thick of things. Instead, he stands there, unsure of what to do. And then later regrets not doing anything because I think others do the same.

Chimípu, on the other hand, is the hero and this is where she shows it. She is the one who goes to help Pidòhu without a second thought. Again, this is part of the basis. Rutejìmo isn't the hero, he is the man next to the hero.

Also, while Chimípu's struggles are about self-sacrifice and serving the clan, Rutejìmo is fighting his personal demons more than anything else. And I'm not talking demonic creatures, I'm just talking the terrified core that exists in most of us.

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Flight of the Scions 15: Reward Money

When I first wrote this, I had a much longer scene than before. Instead of Kanéko just running off as soon as she crushed poor Pahim's balls, there were multiple fights as she tried to escape Cobin and his men. However, those specific scenes were lost somewhere in my historical repositories and I couldn't find it. So, I rewrite the chapter to give Pahim's final blow a bit more detail and to add more to the story. After this, I should be back on track for new chapters.

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For my patrons, I also posted the first five chapters of Sand and Bone for their viewing pleasure. This is only moderately edited but it gives a preview of the final tale of Rutejìmo's story.

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