Sand and Blood 25, Flight of the Scions 30, and character depth

We are getting near the end of both of these novels. It has been a fun journey but there is still a lot more to happen before the conclusions.

Sand and Ash

I'm looking for reviews for Sand and Ash. It has been out a month and I'm not sure if anyone has read it. It would be nice to have a few reviews, this is the first time I've released a book as Creative Commons and didn't charge for digital copies.

Sand and Blood 25: Lessons Taught

We are rapidly heading into the climax of Sand and Blood. There is only thirty chapters in the novel but one is an epilogue.

This is also a rather packed chapter… for Sand and Ash. I didn't really know it was going to be when I wrote it. I had also never written a sequel before so I was making everything up as I went. Originally it was just supposed to be a proper romance, but this chapter stuck with me and these scenes ended up becoming Rutejìmo's obsession with Mikáryo which would later lead into conflict of the story.

I also love how this is a scene where Chimípu experiences the struggle of being the greatest warrior of the clan but we only see it from his eyes. Another premise was this story was the main character with the guy next to the Chosen One. Chimípu is the Chosen One, I love that she is the most powerful warrior in all three of these novels. She is faster, stronger, and more powerful. Her final scene in the series is… one of my favorites where she really shines.

This is also a beautiful chapter for a young man who spent his entire life being sheltered from everything that would make an adult. This is really the first time he saw a woman as something other than “just another person”. In a way, it is Roger killing the pig during Lord of the Flies, a symbolic moment where he started to grow up and enter adulthood.

It would be ten years before he actually has sex.

I love romance novels but I don't always want romance in my stories. Later, Chimípu will offer to have sex with him, but turns her down simply because of the memories that came from this chapter. They shape him in a way that will be with him until the day before he dies.

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Flight of the Scions 30: Detour

Like in Sand and Blood, we are heading into the conclusion of Flight of the Scions. All but one of the players have been set on the page and the final race to the climax has started. There is a lot there, but I love this chapter because decisions are made, Maris is adorable, and Kanéko gets a chance to show her leadership skills.

I ended up rewriting almost the entire chapter. While I love this book, it triggers much of my discomfort. I know it is a good story, but it is missing something. I don't know what it is, I can just feel the sensation in the back of my head while I'm reading it. It could be grammar, pacing, or characterization. Something is wrong, I just don't have the skills or tools to identify it.

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Sand and Bone

This week, I started the process of getting Sand and Bone published. It will be a slower publication; I'm aiming for the end of the year. So far, the editor has publicly announced that he thought it was fantastic. I can't argue with that, it gives me hope that this series will end properly.


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