Choose My Fate or What's Next?

At this point, Second-Hand Dresses has been drafted and is now entering the pipeline to get published. This means a couple rounds of editing, then saving up money from patrons to pay for editors and printing, and then actually publishing it.

The next serialization will be Flight of the Scions which was already drafted and is now going to the editor.

This leads into the question: what's next? This question is for my $4/month patrons (including those on Patreon) and will decide which novel, story, or novella I'm going to work on. If none of them vote, I'll open it up to anyone's opinion. If I still don't get much response, I'm probably going to start with Raging Alone.

To make it easier, I've created a list of my proposed ideas which includes novels and stories that tie into my master plan. Each one has a page with a little blurb. Anyone can ask me to expand on it, but they do have spoilers since I wanted to show how they fit in with the bigger picture.

There are a few too many for any polling system, so I'm going to say just comment and tag me anywhere (or send email to