Crashing, NSFW Second-Hand Dresses 42, and Coming Next

The dress was beautiful and perfect. No one, even the pickiest of people had nothing to say and Lily could finally relax. But how to you relax the day after it happens? Well, two good friends of hers have an idea.


After big projects, I always crash. I used this for a model for Lily because that moment when all the tension goes away, there is terrible sense of having to do something but not knowing what to do.

Not Safe For Work

I honestly wasn't going to put in this scene, but it felt right for the characters. Much of it is because Mindil is randier than I originally expected for a character introduced as a sly comment from a good friend.

I do worry that this novel is a bit porny in places. I know what I like to read and there are a few friends who are encouraging me to keep going, so I'm doing it because I like it.

Second-Hand Dresses 42: Breakdown

After all the struggles with Nirih's dress, there was no question Lily would celebrate. What she didn't expect was to wake up with a lover in her bed. One that wasn't Kendrick.

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Coming Next

Next up will be Flight of the Scions. I am not planning on posting to Wattpad or Ello for this one, mainly due to lack of feedback and because the platforms won't let me automate posting. I know its a minor thing, but I have so many things going on, I'm finding that the chapters are getting behind. The chapters on the feed because those are automatically scheduled so they happen without me dropping the ball. The Fedran will also pick up any corrections from edit, something that I can't easily update on Wattpad or Ello.