Life Cycles, Second-Hand Dresses 43, and Coming Next

Even though she is no longer in the High Society circles, Lily still has a chance to go to the party to see how Nirih's dress is presented. Nothing prepares her, however, with what else would happen that night.

Life Cycles

I don't like flashbacks. This is partially because of my master plan with this novel but also because I think little hints are better than showing those scenes. However, the duel has always been a big part of this story, but the one in the past and the presented in this chapter. They are both the beginning and the end for Lily, a bracket for her life.

Many of my stories ties the earlier chapters with the first. The last chapter of Sand and Bone is directly tied into the first chapter of Sand and Blood.

Second-Hand Dresses 43: The Event

Lily is at the party where Nirih is to be presented to society. It is a chance to see how her dress is views and could mark the beginning or end of her career as a seamstress. But the presentation isn't the only chaos destined for the night, other parts of her life are put in jeopardy because of one man's jealousy.

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Coming Next

Next up will be Flight of the Scions. I also won't be giving long posts about the chapters, mainly because I already did it it a few years ago.