Started on Raging Alone

As we are now coming to the end of Flight of the Scions, it's time to work on the next project. The next one is related to my first series, Raging Alone. After spending a week on it, the first chapters are up for patrons.

Originally started as a serial for my Journals of Fedran, Raging was just going to be a world-building piece (off of what technically was another world-building piece). Of course, when I changed the tone for Journals and removed the serials, it was pulled out because it didn't “fit.”

The original focus for the story was going to show a different coming of age ritual, a more individual one, compared to the group event from Sand and Blood. This will help establish a precedent for when I get to Kin-Killer and My Sister's Keeper.

As I wrote it, I realized that I was also creating a story about toxic masculinity. Desòchu's story was always about his anger and his need to be in control. It was also about Desòchu's and Rutejìmo's father and how Hikòru own self-destruction with the death of his wife ended up being a poison that inflicted Desòchu. This, of course, ties into some of the events in Sand and Blood.

Now, I've written up the first five chapters. They aren't as polished as Flight as I work out the ideas. I'm pretty happy with these first chapters. There is another fifteen that are in various states of written; they'll be edited and fleshed out over the coming weeks. I do have a goal of always maintaining one week per chapter.

I don't think I'm going to post this on Wattpad or Ello though. I know I said that with Flight, but I had already posted a number of chapters and wanted to finish it out.