Poem - Leaving My Love

On the fifth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little poem about asexuality. Now, the topic is probably not for public discourse, but there are aspects of asexuality that have always been in my life so I do have a kinship toward the topic.

Mainly, I just wanted to write a poem about a sailor who loves the ocean for being the ocean and nothing else. No personifications of a woman (or man), no gods or goddess to take the place. Just the longing to be out at sea, in love with it.

Leaving My Love

Here I stand,
On the border between
Land and sea.
Sand beneath my feet,
The spray in my beard.

I'm so tired of this.
I hate when I leave.
Being gone cuts deep.
Those lonely nights
Always missing her.

Soon enough,
My feet are back on sand.
Walking up the plank again.
Only minutes away
To return to my love.

Waves untouched by land.
The cold damp wind blowing.
Sun searing along my skin.
She stole my heart
And never gave it back.