Poem - I Love Them All

So, to contrast yesterday's poem for National Poetry Month, I have a poem about polyamory. Like asexuality, there are aspects of this sexuality in my life but I'm pretty sure no one wants details. However, I also feel they both present and therefore are important in my world. I don't want either to be the “evil” sexuality nor the “good” one.

What I want is sexuality to be an aspect of a character, present but not identifying. Sinmak is not a “gay mercenary”, he's a mercenary who happens to be gay. Likewise, Lily ends up being poly but Rutejìmo is straight.

I Love Them All

That woman in a suit
crossing the street?

That man painting
Every car that passes?

The dark-skinned warrior
With glowing golden swords?
Oh, the Divine Couple, yes.

The golem shaped
Of some man's fantasy?
Without shame, I do.

The dryad out by the stream
Of dancing flowers and spring?
I do.

Gender, shape, and purpose.
Form, personality, and loves.
There is something that pulls me
To every one I see.
I love them all.