Poem - Inscribing the Rune

On the eighth day of National Poetry Month, I return to one of my favorite topics: crafting. This ties into the katas earlier, but I frequently get into this sense of peace when I'm writing or programming.

This poem also ties into the entire concept of fire runes being the trigger for the industrial age. The only difference is that they use magically charged runes instead of coal or gasoline to power their vehicles.

Inscribing the Rune

Start with a number two
With sharp cutting blade
Set it down
Put on some weight
Keep the hand steady
To bring it down in a swoop
Then a cut followed by a second

The details are precise
And the lines memorized
At the same time
The image is flowing
And the shape is made up
A mix of pattern and chaos

There is a science in crafting
And an art for enchanting
Neither can do it alone
Both are needed
For balanced harmony

Slice into rock
The delicate blade cuts easily
The energy flowing through the tip
Draining with every cut

The energy slowly charges the rune
Until each line glows brightly
Sparking with potential power

Runes are beautiful when charged
And world changing in their beauty

They start with a single cut

This is another descending stanza poem starting with seven and going down to one line.