Poem - Black Skinned Monsters

For the ninth day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a little poem about racism. The cultural differences between the desert folks and the coastal is one of the big points of friction in my world. Each one considers the others to be barbarians because each one has (I hope) a rich culture and society.

That doesn't stop them from insulting the others.

Black Skinned Monsters

They came from the desert
In the middle of the night.
Howling, screaming barbarians.
Their skin dark as obsidian
And their eyes green with malice.

They moved in perfect concert
Attacking when they saw the light.
First, they went for the librarians.
Then across the road meridian
Before raiding the palace.

This poem has each stanza ending with a rhyme that matches the other stanzas… mostly. This is also the theme of Ramus and the Savage Slasher, a pulp style adventure with significant racist tones.