Poem - The Desert Sleeps

On the fourtheenth days of April, I present another poem for National Poetry Month. Today, the poem is about the conflict between Tachìra and Chobìre, the source of most clan's magic. This also ties into the creation myth for the north western part of the desert.

As I continue to write in this world, I realize that the day and night clan differences are frequently spoken but not acted. I plan on having a scene in Raging Alone about it, but the night clans provide just as valuable services as the day.

It's when dedicated warriors get in the way. There is a stark difference between the two because of feedback between the two energies; it is easy to hate someone who causes you pain by their physical presence. However, in the desert, it wouldn't help to be at war with half your neighbors constantly.

The Desert Sleep

The desert is quiet tonight.
The two warriors are sleeping
And either fight for her love.
No screams of battle
Or whimpers of the dying.
Just sand rustling
Like an old woman's blanket.
She is sleeping tonight
And everything is at peace.