Poem - She Speaks For Death

For the twenty-fourth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little spoiler for a novel I'm planning on writing. If you read my novels, you can probably figure out who it is about but I could imagine there is something terrifying for any child who speaks for a spirit capable of killing anyone.

She is also one of my favorite side characters.

She Speaks For Death

She's just a little girl.
Innocent with brown skin and green eyes.
Her words are quiet and infrequent
But terrifying just the same.
When she speaks, she speaks for death.
The full force of the desert behind her.
When she says quiet, then even magic dies.
When she says listen, she steals your air.
When she says no, there is no chance for yes.
Not even the sun and moon
Can refuse her anything.
She's just a little girl
But she speaks for death.