Scroll of the Lands

Last night, I started working on Scroll of the Lands again. Not quite ready to work on a short story or anything, mainly because I want to focus until I finish the book I'm working on getting republished. Kind of strange, coming back to something, it is hard to remember the rules and situations you set up, but also easy to see where something that made sense four months ago now doesn't.

I think I want to finish this, and relatively soon. Getting it "mostly done" which is as far as any fan supplement can go, is probably doable and would get it off my plate. Plus, work starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to that.

Also still trying to figure out what to do with Wind, Bear, and Moon. On one hand, rewriting parts of it would make it a better story, on the other, it is rewriting it for the fourth time. I've picked up more of a feel for steampunk as my thoughts on it get more refined and comfortable; I still like it, but I'll probably never write "proper" steampunk since I'm not entirely that fond of the Victorian age. On the other hand, I like messy engines, massive mechanicals made of brass and powered by steam engines, and the slightly absurd way of seeing things. So, I'm at least interested in some of the key parts of steampunk.