WisCon and Bloodbond

According to Facebook nagging me, it's been a few weeks since I last posted writing-related news. The main reason I haven't been posting is obsession, I'm trying to finish some programming libraries for Author Intrusion.

Sand and Blood delayed

I apparently missed a button releasing Sand and Blood, so it will take a few more weeks before it shows up in stores. This is the new version from a different distributor.


At the moment, I have a limit of two conventions in a year. One is ICON and the other is WisCon which is in a few short weeks. This is going to be my first year as a Published Writer and my second for doing panels. This year, there is only two of them but they are ones that I'm well prepared for.

I'm pretty excited about this, though I wish I could have joined in on another panel. Oh well, maybe next year.

Jamming With Not Your Typical Cats (Sun 16:00-17:17, Michelangelos)

An eclectic collection of writers reading selections from their disparate novels that explore different aspects of humanity. Karen is going to read from revisionist alternative fiction while Fred is going to present dystopic yet uplifting science fiction, followed by Dylan's steampunk fantasy world.

I'm planning on briefly talking about Sand and Blood but I'm going to read a chapter from Flight of the Scions since I finally found the “spark” for it at my first WisCon years ago.

The SignOut (Monday 11:30-12:45, Capital/Wisconsin)

My first signing collection. It looks like I screwed up distribution of the book, so there is a good chance none of the bookstores or sellers will have it in the stall. They suggested that I have a couple books on me and I just ordered a new Square card reader… not sure if it will work.


A (somewhat) surprise this month was seeing my story, Victim of Love, in the latest issue of Bloodbond. I mean, I knew it was showing up, just not entirely when. This is also an Alban Lake publication, but still nice to see my name on the front cover.

Bloodbond cover